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Wanted Persons

It is important to remember that any person(s) viewed or mentioned here are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Seeing their name or picture here does not necessarily indicate guilt or wrong doing unless otherwise noted. Some people are sought after for purposes of obtaining information or assisting in an investigation.





Check back for wanted individuals.










Check here for more information or pictures on wanted persons.

Call 225-4357 wih any information on wanted individuals.







Help the police to help you!
All information will be held in confidence.

Email- info@rpdtips.com

Check this website often for information on who is wanted and where crime activity is occurring in the city of Riverside, Ohio. If we can share information with you and not jepordize an investigation, we will.

Please share with us if you have any solid tips that will help us solve or prevent a crime about to occur.

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