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Don't just hit the brakes.
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you possibly can.

Recent Crimes

The police department would like to remind all citizens to leave a light on at night such as a porch light. Criminals need the darkness to engage in their nefarious activity.

School is out now and there will be increased juvenile activity so please be aware of valuables left out in plain view, or if you leave a car door unlocked. Thieves like to open the unlocked car doors and rummage through vehicles for valuables. A hot item to take is the portable GPS systems. Do not even leave the empty GPS stand in your window as it is a solid clue you likely have the GPS stuffed under the seat. They can easily be resold on eBay or at a flea market for easy profit at a much lower price than on the store shelves.

Ladies, please do not leave your purse in open view in a car. They only tempt fate. Be especially mindful of this information at local pools. A lot of thieves patrol these lots appearing as customers but are really just window shopping the lot for potential victims.

Always remember if a crime involves a car try to get the plate number written down first, then the color and make the car.

Never hesitate to call the police to check a suspicious vehicle, person, or situation and always remember most burglaries occur in the daytime. Watch your neighbors home and call if something does not look right.


Dispatch direct is 233-2080 or 911

(911 isEmergency Only Please)

Thank you all for your past support here in Riverside.



Help the police to help you!
All information will be held in confidence.

Email- info@rpdtips.com

Check this website often for information on who is wanted and where crime activity is occurring in the city of Riverside, Ohio. If we can share information with you and not jeopardize an investigation, we will.

Please share with us if you have any solid tips that will help us solve or prevent a crime about to occur.

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